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Rowe, headshot, goodThe Alpha of Oregon Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa is honored to host Professor Timothy Rowe as the 2015 Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar at the University of Oregon from March 12–13, 2015.


Timothy Rowe is a paleontologist whose research focuses on the evolution and development of vertebrates. He conducts fieldwork in the Mesozoic badlands of Texas and the American Southwest. He is the J. Nalle Gregory Regents Professor of Geology at University of Texas, Austin, as well as director of the Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory, which holds one of the largest research collections of vertebrate fossils in America. Co-founder and director of the High-Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography Facility, he is a leader in developing digital technologies to analyze and visualize the skeleton along with the soft tissues that the skeleton supports. His research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the Keck and Intel Foundations, and the American Chemical Society.

Visiting Scholar Agenda:

Thursday, March 12

12noon–1:00pm: PBK Student Lunch (RSVP only)

2:00pm–3:20pm: Class Visit to HC 209: Oregon Paleontology, on “How to Find a Dinosaur” (Professor Samantha Hopkins)

7:00pm: Public Talk, “Forensic Paleontology”

Friday, March 13

11:30am–1:00pm: PBK Student Lunch Discussion: “Digital Morphology” (RSVP only)
PBK Speaker 2015 - Tim Rowe


College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Geology
Department of History
Division of Undergraduate Studies
Museum of Natural and Cultural History
Oregon Humanities Center
Robert D. Clark Honors College
University Housing

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