Names of Phi Beta Kappa members-elect appear in the Oregon Daily Emerald and in the spring Commencement program, but you are not a member unless you accept this invitation and complete the registration process.

Honorifics vary in value, but Phi Beta Kappa is more than a mere credential. In the wider world, PBK membership garners recognition as an honor that is neither cheaply won nor widely bestowed. Also, PBK offers opportunities to continue to learn and grow in the company of other members of our Society across the country and across generations. Ask your advisors, mentors, or faculty members about us. We are confident they will tell you what we stand for. I also encourage you to visit the national and local websites to learn more.

For Members-Elect who have received a formal letter of invitation from the Alpha of Oregon chapter and Office of the President you must follow the steps bellow to complete your registration to become an official member of Phi Beta Kappa and RSVP to the initiation ceremony.

  1. You must complete your registration by going to the following link:

  2. Remember: both the Alpha Chapter section and the national Phi Beta Kappa registration must be completed for your acceptance to be fully processed and your membership to be established.

  3. When you complete your National PBK registration online, you will be given the option to complete the registration or pay online.

  4. The offer to join Phi Beta Kappa is indefinite and your invitation never expires. You may join Phi Beta Kappa at any time after you have received your official invitation.

  5. The total one-time Registration Fee is $105.  The National Phi Beta Kappa Society collects $85 and the local Alpha of Oregon chapter collects $20 to cover the expenses of the Induction Ceremony including the Honors Cords.

  6. E-mail the Alpha Chapter coordinator at  with questions.

  7. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you received an invitation as a Pathway Oregon, McNair Scholars, or TRIO student please refer to the Registration instructions on your Letter of Invitation.


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