Alpha of Oregon Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa
Membership Registration Instructions

To accept the membership invitation from the Alpha of Oregon chapter, there are two steps to follow.

Electronic registration with the national Phi Beta Kappa Society: Go to Enter the passcode UOALPHA. Complete the blanks with your information. Make sure to select the proper chapter (school) of induction, “UOR-A-OR, Oregon, University of,” and proved your preferred email address. Click Preview to view your information. If you need to make any changes, click Back. Otherwise, click Next to go on to the next step. Now you may choose either to pay your membership fee online or to pay your local chapter by check. (Either way, the membership fee is $75 and payable one time only.) If you choose Yes to pay your fee with a credit card, fill in your information and click OK. There will be a confirmation and receipt to verify your payment. Once online registration is complete, you will receive an email confirming that you have paid or indicating the amount owed.  The Alpha of Oregon chapter will confirm your membership to the Phi Beta Kappa national office. You will not become an official member until our local chapter officer has validated your membership registration.

Paper registration with the Alpha of Oregon Chapter:  Please complete the enclosed information sheet.  This includes an indication of whether you will attend the initiation ceremony the year of your invitation. If you paid your membership fee online, attach a copy of your credit payment receipt to the information sheet.  If you chose not to pay your one-time membership fee online, include a $75 check payable Phi Beta Kappa. Send the reply (along with your receipt or check) to: Phi Beta Kappa, c/o Cathy Kraus, Undergraduate Studies, 372 OH, 5256 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-5256.

There is no time limit on this invitation. You may join Phi Beta Kappa at any time.


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